General Regulation

  1. Regular class begins after the bell rang [ Season I / 07.15 – 08.45 ] [ Season II / 08.45 – 10.15 ]
  2. The learning process carried out in the field in accordance with guidance of teacher.

What To Wear

  1. All students must wear school sports uniform complete ( T-Shirt & Training ), if not wearing, the student isn’t permitted to followed the class.
  2. For the female student, advised to wear hair pigtail to get simple hair.
  3. Use comfortable shoes for exercising and do not use leather shoes, or you can take it off.


  1. Every student attendance will get presence score, which will be included in the affective score.
  2. If you are not present in the class with reason of illness and can’t attend to school, you’re required to show a license or letter of sickness or you can send / deliver phone or SMS (short message service) to the teacher or school. To you it will be written as absence of illness on the list.
  3. If you can’t following the learning process because of illness, you’re must attend to the field and also wearing sport uniform complete, you’re permitted take place to sit or rest. To you will be recorded as students who attend the class.
  4. If you are not present in the class with no explanation, you’re considered to be alpha and not given a score of attendance.
  5. The presence of 100% will get full value of affective score.