Sports Aerobics is the ability to perform continuous complex and high intensity movement patterns to music, which originate from traditional aerobic dance.

The main purpose of traditional aerobic dance is to improve cardiovascular endurance and fitness levels by combining a series of aerobic movements with repetitions in order to involve major muscle groups, to increase the heart rate. Because of the repetition of the movements for a long period of time, the only concern was to maintain the alignment of the body.When the sport became a part of the gymnastics family, it was necessary to add difficulty criteria to the artistic and technical aspects in ordrer to make a competitive sport.

The routine in Sports Aerobics must demonstrate continuous movement, flexibility, strength and utilization of the seven basic steps with a high degree of perfectly executed elements of difficulty. Combinations of basic aerobic dance steps together with arm movement patterns performed to music to create dynamic, rhythmic and continuous sequences of high and low impact movements.The selection of the routines should provide a desired intensity to exemplify the cardiovascular nature of aerobics.

Initially by adding difficulty elements as a criteria, competitors tended to concentrate more weighting on the difficulty elements (which is less than 10% of the final score) than the artistic area. The secret is how to integrate the difficulty elements fluently with the aerobic movements in order to create a dynamic choreography for the sport.  The routine must show a balance between variety of aerobic dance movement patterns and difficulty elements. Another trend was that sports aerobic routines were done more at the floor level.  This contradicted with the traditional aerobic movements which are performed in a standing position with vertical rebound activity.  Therefore, the new Code of Points restricts 6 elements maximum on the floor. The routine should give the impression of aerobics and not the packed with elements of a Broadway show.  Of course the competitor must captivate the audience; but this should be done in a sporting manner.  Hence, Sports Aerobics will be a dynamic and creative sport.


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